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Ron Parfitt, founder of SAILvation, had a dream many years ago, to take unfortunate kids on sailing adventures, to provide them with an experience that they would not likely otherwise have the opportunity to go through. He shared his idea with many people, who encouraged him to make it become a reality.

In the years that followed, he spoke often about finding the right sailing vessel and making his dream come true. Each time he told his story, he gathered more support and eventually found enough people willing and able to support him in creating SAILvation and the sailing programs to be delivered.

After searching the globe for one and a half years, both in person and online, Grand Nellie simply appeared at the marina, moored directly behind Ron’s boat…his ship had come in! Upon inspection, he found Grand Nellie to be the embodiment of everything he had been looking for, but had not previously found. The first time Ron set foot on Grand Nellie, he fell in love and wrote a deposit check and started the ball rolling toward purchasing her.

Through his tireless efforts, Grand Nellie was brought up to Coast Guard standards and approved for charter sailing. Thus began the realization of Ron’s dream…“SAILvation”




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