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Ron Parfitt, the founder of SAILvation, Inc., lives the life of a modern day adventurer. He has been in an active leadership role at ExecuJet, a charter flight company for many years. He flies people from all walks of life to all corners of the world in private jets. He has an outstanding safety record and is sought after by many clients because of the quality of service he provides. Ron has been a boater since as far back as he can remember and loves the nautical life so much that he became a live-aboard boater 14 years ago. He holds a Master Captain’s 100 ton license and is an active member in the Passenger Vessel Association.

Ron’s gregarious personality naturally attracts the attention and admiration of people of all ages and allows him to befriend and positively influence them. His love of people is what has driven him to make his dream of helping the less fortunate, through sailing adventures, a reality.


Sailor/Learning Professional:

Debbie Luttmann, President of SAILvation, Inc., has worked for a Fortune 300 company for the past 17 years most recently as a learning professional. She brought employee empowerment and development through instructional design and learning via specifically designed skill and knowledge enhancement training programs. Debbie achieved this through the application of best practices and proven learning methodologies, brining to the table measurable success and knowledge using her instructional design expertise and vast technological capabilities.

Born to a family of boaters, at a very early age had the unique opportunity of being exposed to pleasure boating as an activity which has been a source of personal growth and emotional well being. Debbie brings a love for all things nautical, along with the knowledge of how to create training, which instills self-confidence in others which she has experienced through her love of sailing.

As the mother of two sons, she has successfully navigated the waters of parenthood. Her eldest son, Andrew, is currently serving in the United States Air Force as a linguist. Her youngest son, Nicolas, has recently graduated from a local high school and is on his way to college. Debbie has made the highest and best use of her professional listening and coaching skills by being a source of strength and counsel to her family and friends.


Tiffany Krueger, Secretary of SAILvation, Inc. has been engaged with three Fortune 500 Companies within the title insurance industry, bringing enthusiasm and direction by delivering strong organizational, management and technical expertise to each, over a career which spans more than 18 years. Through this active engagement, Tiffany’s skills have been honed to an exacting tool, as evidenced by the countless start up and turn-around successes realized.

Tiffany’s engagement over the last 6 years with First American has ignited a deep passion for learning and the impact that this has on individuals, which can include a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Through study, organization and development, Tiffany and her team are learning pioneers in this industry with the creation of Eagle Academy. Eagle Academy has grown to a first rate learning institution, which is an ever growing part of this company’s culture.

Tiffany has been blessed with two children; a daughter who is a cellist and working toward her PhD in Texas, and a uniquely creative son, who is currently working toward becoming an EMT. Raising her children has been a personal growth opportunity for to her, and has driven her passion to help teens though unique learning experiences.


Joseph Sacco, Treasurer of SAILvation, Inc. has, since February of 2007, been the President and Senior Management Analyst of Joseph Sacco & Associates, Inc., a management consulting firm. As such, he is associated with over 2,000 highly successful consulting projects in the fields such as: medical, building and construction, design build, architectural, engineering, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, agriculture, insurance, job shops, automobile dealerships, real estate, transportation, aviation, mining, and professional services.

He has spent over 13 years refining the performance of small to mid-level companies in the two to two hundred million-dollar range. Successful improvement initiatives entail strategic business planning, organizational redevelopment, market planning, profit and succession planning, operational process improvement, cost tracking and control, and management development.

Joseph also possesses over 20 years in executive management at two fortune 50 companies with sales, budgeting, marketing, and operational responsibilities. He was a Dean’s List graduate with honors from Nova Southeastern University, where he earned his MBA in Business Management from 1983 to 1985. He also graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1971 with a BA in Business Management.



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